• Harry Sloan - Beetle Juice Events Ltd

    We thoroughly enjoyed being a part of this year’s EPS, giving us the opportunity to enhance our brand and market to just the right people. Not only a high footfall over the 2 days but also extremely relevant people in the event business, travelling from different parts of the country to attend the show.

    Harry Sloan, Director, Beetle Juice Events Ltd

  • Hannah Tuohy - Le Mark

    The Event Production Show was a fantastic way for us to meet organisers of live events, production and AV companies. With it being our first year exhibiting we were amazed by the quality of enquiries received and we cannot wait to see what EPS 2018 brings for Le Mark.

    Hannah Tuohy, UK Business Development, Le Mark

  • Mike Allen - Jazz Refreshed

    The Event Production Show is the No 1 market place for sourcing suppliers for events.

    Mike Allen, Stage & Technical Manager, Jazz Refreshed

  • Chris Swingler - New Leaf B2B

    World class event with a warm welcome on every stand I visited. Very impressive introduction to this industry sector and a very conducive atmosphere for business discussions. The co-location with International Confex is a real bonus.

    Chris Swingler, Owner, New Leaf B2B

  • Robert Lovie - Leith Agency

    The Event Production show provides an excellent opportunity to find new and innovative kit and allows interaction with specialists…and all under one roof. Highly recommended.

    Robert Lovie, Head of Creative Services, Leith Agency

  • Amit Ramnani - Ipanema Wealth

    The Event Production Show provided us with a valuable networking opportunity. I particularly enjoyed the seminar about the Rio 2016 Olympics and the contributions from the panelists and audience.

    Amit Ramnani, Director, Ipanema Wealth

  • Christina Dearlove - Reading Pride

    A very good event for meeting old and new suppliers, no matter how small or big your event is there is someone for your needs.

    Christina Dearlove, Site Logistic, Reading Pride

  • Paul Luxford - Freelance

    The event production show is an ideal platform to network with industry peers and keep a finger on the pulse of the event industry.

    Paul Luxford, Event Project Manager, Freelance